Building Representation

Prepares and implements the decisions of the General Meeting
Represents the Condominium at third parties
Take all necessary measures to ensure the maintenance of the building
Communicates and collects the common costs of the co-owners

Building Management

Technical activities
Management activities
Legal activity
Administrative activities

Condominium Accounting

Providing bookkeeping, payroll and record keeping related to the condominium's economic events; we meet our balance sheet and other obligations to the tax authority within the deadline.
We monitor and record the payments made by the owners of the Condominium and take action against the owners who are in arrears in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Operation Rules.
Verifying and financially settling the Condominium vendor accounts. If the amount of the common costs does not cover the payment of the bills, we will convene a general meeting.
Our condominium accounting software provides owners with information on condominiums' financial position, complete bookkeeping, and owner current accounts, in a clear format not only at the end of the year, but on a monthly basis. Current accounts are also available on the Internet.

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